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  • Sale -64% Heated Shoulder Brace with 3 Heat Settings

    Heated Shoulder Brace with 3 Heat Settings

    Have a speedy recovery with this Heated Shoulder Brace with 3 Heat Settings This shoulder heating pad is ideal for promoting blood circulation and relieving pain Helps to ease the pain from tears, sprains, tendonitis, stiffness and more! Switch between 3 heating temperatures to meet your heating needs Adjust the length of the strap to fit any body type Made from high-quality neoprene material for long-term use Dimensions: 60cm (L) x 40cm (W) Note: this product does not include a power bank


  • Sale -60% Prowise Turmeric with Black Pepper & Ginger - 180 Capsules

    Prowise Turmeric with Black Pepper & Ginger - 180 Capsules

    Up your health game with Prowise Turmeric with Black Pepper & Ginger Capsule Get 120, 240 or 360 vegan capsules - that's up to a 6 month supply! Harness the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers of turmeric Contains 1440mg of turmeric per capsule - a high dose to see the real effects Includes ginger and black pepper to help the turmeric be absorbed by the body No GMO's, binders, fillers, artificial colours or flavours - 100% organic ingredients Free from Allergens such as gluten, wheat, lactose and nuts


  • Sale -67% Teeth-Whitening Tool With Polishing Cups

    Teeth-Whitening Tool With Polishing Cups

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    Brighten up your smile with the Teeth-Whitening 'Luma Smile' Tool With Polishing Cups Comes with a Luma Smile device as well as 5 polishing cups - get 500 uses in total! Features a rotating rubber cup that gently removes stains and polishes each tooth Simply press the button to turn it on and then glide it across your teeth Easy to use and set up by simply popping the cup onto the device Use weekly for best results and to leave teeth looking and feeling glossy Cordless and compact so you can easily take it on the go Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)

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  • Sale -67% WiFi-Enabled Visible Ear Wax Removal Kit

    WiFi-Enabled Visible Ear Wax Removal Kit

    Get rid of your wax with the WiFi-Enabled Visible Ear Wax Removal Kit Connect the device to the WiFi to get the camera on your phone There is a camera on the head of the tool  If you place the tool inside your ear you will be able to see inside You can use the tool to scrape ear wax from your ear Made from a non-toxic food-grade PVC material that is safe to use The head is equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope for all-around images With LED lights on the end of the tool you will be able to see more clearly Get the tool in either a black or a white colour


  • Sale -80% Knee Brace Compression Sleeves - 2 Colours & 4 Sizes

    Knee Brace Compression Sleeves - 2 Colours & 4 Sizes

    Feel supported with these Knee Brace Compression Sleeves Choose between either a single knee pad or 2 knee pads Available in a range of sizes including S, M, L and XL There is also the option between either a white or a black knee pad A cushioning silicone pad around the knee will provide support and comfort You can use this to protect the knee while you go running, weight lifting and more Made from a strong and durable silicone and elastic fibre material 


  • Sale -60% 4-in-1 Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display + Voice Function

    4-in-1 Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display + Voice Function

    Keep track of your health with this 4-in-1 Blood Pressure Monitor Integrated design and LCD screen with data display and cuff in one 4-in-1 measuring functions which can all be done simultaneously: Systolic pressure Diastolic pressure and pulse rate Irregular heartbeat Blood pressure classification Voice function available and can be muted Small, portable and innovative design Simple and easy to operate  Requires 4 x AAA batteries Features an accurate oscillographic method of measurement Pressure : 0~280mmHg Pulse: 40-199 Bpm/min Includes 1 x blood monitor, 1 x cuff band and 1 x manual 


  • Sale -68% Ingrown Toe Corrector Tools

    Ingrown Toe Corrector Tools

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    Dual point designed to remove sharp edge of the nail Lifts and cleans under the nail Non-slip grip handle Angled end for difficult areas Material: surgical stainless steel Length: 16.5cm

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    Take 2 capsules of each supplement per day Fat fighting bundle for aiding weight loss, improving gut health and reducing bloating Provides deep cellular digestive cleanse of the colon, liver and intestines Maximises metabolism to reduce body weight quicker For best results, combine with healthy diet and lifestyle Manufactured in UK


  • Sale -67% Weekly AM/PM Pill Boxes

    Weekly AM/PM Pill Boxes

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    Portable but with large capacity - can hold eight kinds of fish oil for daily use As big as the palm of the hand and can be easily put in the wallet or pocket One box a day - each compact pillbox is printed with the day of the week and the morning/afternoon icon to avoid confusion Each tray is divided into morning and afternoon compartments, separate boxes, and independent packaging Double protection - the outer container and each daily medicine box have Snap-On lids to prevent them from popping even if they fall Outline shape Material: PP, ABS Dimensions: 5.5''/14cm (L) x 2.5''/6.4cm (dia) Dimensions of each compartment: 2.5''/6.4cm (dia) x 0.6''/1.5cm (H)

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  • Sale -52% Vibrating Mini Vacuum Cleaners for Ears Cleaning

    Vibrating Mini Vacuum Cleaners for Ears Cleaning

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    casSafe and easy to use Pain free and effective Removes ear wax without hurting Vibrates and sucks at the same time Resistant, lightweight and durable Ensures good hygiene, transportable and practical The length of the cleaner's head is safe for the depth of the ears Water-washable and end reusable caps Can be used by adults and children Material: Plastic - BPA free Weight: 75 g Size: 2.5 cm x 13.0 cm Battery: 1 x AAA (included) One transport case One vacuum cleaner to clean ears Two tips One cleaning brush

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  • Sale -64% Silicone Bunion Corrector

    Silicone Bunion Corrector

    Designed for people who suffer from the hallux valgus Can relieve pain from bent toes, overlapping toes and hallux valgus Aim to reduce toe and foot discomfort and alleviate tension Helps stretch and align toes as well as boost circulation Material: silicone Dimensions: 8cm x 2.5cm

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  • Sale -50% Pairs of Foot Alignment Socks

    Pairs of Foot Alignment Socks

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    Soft fabric Separate, stretch and align toes Help relief from aches, pains, bunions and more Machine washable May help balance the forces that thrust the toes inwards and together by loosening up the contracted toe joints Wear for 15 minutes per day and work up to overnight wear One size fits most (women's 7-9, men's 5-8) Dimensions: 22.2cm x 9.8cm x 4.4cm Material: 90% cotton, 7% polyester, 3% elastane

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