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  • Sale -70% Cordless Handheld Wet & Dry Car Vacuum

    Cordless Handheld Wet & Dry Car Vacuum

    Features:• Strong suction: Upgraded digital high-speed motor, 120W maximum power and 8500Pa wind pressure bring strong suction power. Easily absorb dust, residue, soot, pet hair, etc. in the car, making the car clean.• Portable design: It allows the vacuum cleaner to be free from wires while cleaning up the messy environment. It is not only suitable for vehicles, but also for daily home and office environments.• Small size: The space inside the car is narrow, and the small size allows the vacuum cleaner to better clean dead corners. The small vacuum cleaner can be placed at will space in the car, like the storage box or the side door pocket.• LED lights: It is equipped with LED lights to illuminate every dark corner, including hidden scum/dirt in the gap.• Visualize dust bucket: The visual design is adopted to remind at any time whether the dust bucket needs to be cleaned.• Washable filter: It can be washed and used repeatedly. No material is lost, environmentally friendly and durable.Parameters:Name: car vacuum cleanerRated voltage: 7.4VRated input power: 120WBattery: 2000 mahRated speed: 62000 rpmMaximum suction: 8500PaLife time: 30 minStandby time: 30 dSize: 16.5*14.5*4 cmWeight: 400 gVolume: 0.5LMain application scope: car, home, office, etc.


  • Sale -67% Universal 48-in-1 Socket Wrench

    Universal 48-in-1 Socket Wrench

    Get the job done with this Universal 48-in-1 Socket Wrench  Chrome plating with polished finish Easy to clean and anti-corrosive  Can click to a 45-degree angle to get the difficult to reach areas Features a durable rubber handle  As well as numeric etchings on the wrench  Dimensions: 26cm x 8cm x 5cm


  • Sale -50% Wheel Phone Holder!

    Wheel Phone Holder!

    This product applies to the electronic devices ranging from the width of 50 to 80mm and the thickness of 6-18mm, such as cell phone, navigation device and MP4, etc. The clamping method is fixed, fixed and easy to take. Soft pad design can mitigate shock impact and protect your love machine. Not blocking the sight. Specifications: Material: ABS, PP, PVC Item size: 5.5 * 2.5 * 7.5cm / 2.17 * 0.98 * 2.95in Item weight: 35g / 1.23oz Package size: 8 * 6 * 3cm / 3.15 * 2.36 * 1.18in Package weight: 40g / 1.41oz


  • Sale -70% Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Cars

    Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Cars

    Thanks to this Wireless Vacuum Cleaner For Cars your car will be looking good as new This wireless vacuum cleaner comes with 2 heads perfect for different areas of your car It charges to full in 3.5 hours to provide you with up to 45 minutes of non-stop vacuuming The vacuum has a powerful 8000pa suction to easily suck up any dirt and debris When the filter gets dirty you can wash it with water so it cleans like new It has a simple one-button operation and a lightweight build so you can use it with just 1 hand Made from ABS plastic with electrical components Dimensions: 16cm x 15cm 


  • Sale -67% Goodyear 2-in-1 Tyre Air Compressor with LED Light

    Goodyear 2-in-1 Tyre Air Compressor with LED Light

    Keep tyres pumped with this Goodyear 2-in-1 Tyre Air Compressor Goodyear 2-in-1 portable air compressor with LED light Easy to read display gauge with maximum air pressure of 100psi Powered by 12V car cigarette lighter socket Inflation accessories included for inflatable toys, footballs, bicycles and more Ultra bright LED light for use at night Lightweight and compact, great for on the go


  • Sale -65% Heated Steering Wheel Cover

    Heated Steering Wheel Cover

    Stay toasty in your ride with this Heated Steering Wheel Cover This heated wheel cover will keep you at a good temperature and stop you from getting cold hands Helps you to stay warm and toasty while making sure your hands don't freeze up while driving Made from a comfortable, high-quality suede that is soft and tactile to use Dimensions: 380mm x 380mm x 20mm


  • Sale -50% Pair of Windscreen Mirror Blind Spot Glass

    Pair of Windscreen Mirror Blind Spot Glass

    45 in stock

    Improve your visibility with the Windscreen Mirror Blind Spot Glass You can stick these glass mirrors onto your windscreen to improve your visibility The back of the mirror has a stick-on adhesive pad to make your life easier Great for all vehicles including, cars, vans, motorcycles, and more! The convex shape of the mirror gives you a perspective you otherwise wouldn't Ideal for when you are making a lane change or overtaking another vehicle

    45 in stock


  • Sale -40% Water Resistant Car Roof Storage Bag

    Water Resistant Car Roof Storage Bag

    Free up space in your car with this Water Resistant Car Roof Storage Bag The bag is large enough to hold the luggage of a 4 or 5-person family It comes with 8 cinch straps that secure the bag to your car's roof rack with ease The storage bag comes with a 120x90cm anti-slip mat that will keep the bag in place atop your car The zipper is hidden beneath an extra flap of material that ensures the items inside stay dry The roof bag is composed of strong, durable, and waterproof 600D Oxford Cloth Dimensions: Car Roof Bag(LxWxH): 112 x 87 x 44cm, Anti-slip Mat(LxW): 120 x 90cm Car Roof Bag Capacity: 425L (15 cubic feet)


  • Sale -64% Universal Car Rear-view Mirror Rain Shields

    Universal Car Rear-view Mirror Rain Shields

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    Made from durable PVC Help prevent the sun glare when driving Aid in maintaining a clear view when driving in snow or rain Help to remove raindrops blowing from the top of the mirror Not easy to deform One set includes two shields (one pair) How to Install Clean the surface and dry it completely Peel off and stick the visor shield along the rear view mirror edge Hold it with two hands for about a minute, so that the tape can stick properly Optionally, use a hair dryer or heat gun to help the adhesive stick better

    39 in stock


  • Sale -57% SpyCam Speed Radar & Camera GPS Detector

    SpyCam Speed Radar & Camera GPS Detector

    Put the pedal to the metal safely with the SpyCam Speed Radar & Camera GPS Detector Warns you when you are approaching a laser or radar speed camera on the road Comes with a radar detector and a car charger power cable to keep it powered up Detectable distance of up to 2500m with GPS technology to help you locate cameras Helps you to drive more safely and avoid fines while you road trip With an easy-mounted interlock and no special installation required


  • HD Mirror Dash Cam with Front and Rear Camera

    HD Mirror Dash Cam with Front and Rear Camera

    - The Goodyear Mirror dash cam fits over your existing car mirror with ease, it looks like original equipment and gives a seamless look in any car - It's a universal fit system we've developed and fits 99% of cars tested, it's simple to install and takes less than 30 seconds with no screws or sticky pads or anything messy to worry about, so you can be sure that your original car mirror stays - The mirror has been designed for UK cars so the LCD screen is situated on the left-hand side of the mirror, thereby your view out of the rear screen is not impaired when the LCD screen is turned on. - The kit also includes a rear camera module that can be fitted to the rear of the car to record footage at the back of the vehicle - The dual lens camera built into the mirror uses an HD processor that records at high definition 1080P resolution, so the footage is suitable for use by police and insurance companies- We've made the camera ultra easy to install and use, it includes an intuitive menu system to set the camera up for first use and saves all your settings. - You don't need to worry about running out of memory card space and footage being missed as the camera has a loop recording system, so it overwrites old footage automatically- Once the LCD screen is turned off, the whole unit becomes a mirror, giving you clearer and larger view of what's happening at the back for a safer driving experience  Tech Specs:  - HD Ultra High Definition 1080P recording, no details will ever go unmissed- The front camera built into the mirror is a 170-degree ultra-wide angle camera, covers the entire road ahead- Includes front and rear cameras covering your car from all angles - Rear camera is a 140 degree waterproof rear camera that can be mounted in the car or externally to cover you from all angles- 4.3" LCD / TFT screen to view footage and to set up the camera - Wide-angle lens will ensure that you capture the whole road in front of you, so absolutely nothing will be missed - Night vision function means that you can also capture evening footage - Supports TF / Mini SD card up to 32GB (this is NOT included, see link below to buy this from our eBay shop) - Motion detection, so the camera automatically starts recording only when the car is in motion- Cyclical / Loop recording system ensures that you never miss any footage, the camera will record over old footage when your memory card become full - G-Shock Sensor - this feature ensures that the camera will start recording automatically as soon as there is any impact to the vehicle


  • Sale -50% Three-Piece Soft Steering Wheel, Handbrake and Gear Cover Set

    Three-Piece Soft Steering Wheel, Handbrake and Gear Cover Set

    Set of steering wheel, handbrake and gear cover Steering wheel cover: 36-38cm Handbrake cover: 6cm x 13cm Gear cover: 8.5cm x 120cm Material: fur



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